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Why should you join TUGSS?

1. This is the only global community for all of Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery.

2. We seek to represent all professionals involved with Upper GI Surgery including medical students, researchers, and allied health professionals.

3. We seek to be inclusive in our approach and will actively involve underrepresented groups.


4. Our membership is currently free. Even if it becomes paid, our charges will be nominal keeping in mind our diverse membership from countries with different economic levels and non-earning status of many of our members.

5. We will soon have Subspeciality Coordinators, National Coordinators, and a number of other roles to get involved with for people who want to help. 

6. Our TUGSS lounge sessions for seminar/ lectures/ panel discussions etc. are for members only.

7. Members can use our Google Group and whats app groups for discussing academic ideas. 

8. You will be joining a large community of 3000 members - and growing. 

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